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Marlin Safety Pin

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Theres moreover everyday carry (EDC) , Swiss Army and countless new blades and multi-tools to back up your adventures, repairs and daily routine. 22 caliber rimfire rifles. Guaranteed. SAFETY PIN; Open Expanded View. By Jim Taylor.

M-1898 RECOIL SAFETY PIN: 5: 5. MARLIN (In Stock) 0. SAFETY PIN. Firing Pins Marlin Glenfield. People also ask. Choose from color case hardened, hot blued or nickel plated.

If you are a purist and detest the cross-bolt safety on the new leverguns, for the Marlins at least there is a quick and easy remedy. MARLIN - SAFETY PIN. 2 screws T8 for lever and carrier arm springs Uberti 1873, 1866 and 1860. Mfr Part: 410197. It is easy to install, and if you ever want to put the factory safety back in, that is easy to do also.

Shop our vast selection and save! A firearms manufacturer since 1870 and is well-known for their high power, center fire, lever action, bolt-action, and.

Marlin Safety Pin


SAFETY PIN Mfg: Marlin

Marlin Safety Pin Details

Marlin Safety Pin

Marlin Cross-Bolt Safety Replacement Kit. If you infatuation back up picking out the perfect pocket Marlin Safety Pin, our detailed How-To Guides can lead you in the right direction. 550-000-356WB Safety Pin.

00: Marlin M-60 Semi; Description Condition Available Price ea; M-60 TRIGGER GUARD ASSEMBLY, NEW MODEL ONLY PLASTIC SIVER COLOR: NEW.

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No extra parts needed for the installation. Feb 21, 2020 Designed to replace the cross-bolt safety button on modern Marlin lever action rifles. In 2007, Remington Arms, part of the Freedom Group acquired Marlin Firearms. If you ever missed a shot because of the redundant cross bolt safety on a Marlin lever gun, this is a simple remedy. Brownells is your source for Marlin Rifle Parts at Brownells parts and accessories. Made in the U. Add to Cart. Our updated, switchable design allows your Marlin rifle to operate in full safety and firing modes. A replacement pin that looks as if it is a screw!

Marlin Safety Pin